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One School For Life

Welcome to the Early Learning Centre Geraldton Grammar School’s vision is to provide outstanding education and a strong sense of community, ...
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Years 3-6 build upon the solid foundations students have established in the early learning years. Students are given increased responsibility for ...
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  Geraldton Grammar School offers an exciting experience for years 7, 8 and 9 – the middle school - which concentrates on the specific needs of ...
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Senior school begins at year 10 at Geraldton Grammar School where students study specialised subject areas.  They undertake formal exams in ...
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After seeing what Geraldton Grammar School has to offer you and your child through this site, we would welcome the opportunity to talk to you ...
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What's Happening at Grammar

US universities woo Geraldton soccer prospect

Young Geraldton soccer prospect Kevin Steamer has scored a double scholarship to an American university of his choice by doing what he does best — using his head.

The Geraldton Grammar School student will soon begin receiving offers from a range of universities across the US after attending a scouting session in Perth recently.

Talent scouts were at the trials looking for star players to bring to America and the 15-year-old caught their attention.

While his soccer skills earned him an athletic grant, his grades at Geraldton Grammar School were so good selectors threw in an academic scholarship to sweeten the deal.

“I’m honoured to have been chosen for both scholarships,” Kevin said.

“It means that my full tuition for academic and soccer will be paid for the duration of my degree.”

The Zimbabwean-born soccer star had his first kick at the age of four and quickly developed a knack for the sport before going on to compete at local, State and international championships.

While he’s found it hard to develop his talents in the AFL-centric town, Kevin said he would miss Geraldton and his family when he heads abroad in 2018.

“I’m excited but I’m also really nervous at the same time because it’s going to be hard to leave everyone here,” he said.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to develop my soccer career and the fact I get to choose which university I attend is fantastic.

“At the moment I’m loving the look of Stanford University in California because I think it would remind me of WA the most and I’m not a fan of cold weather.”

Kevin will have to keep his grades up in the meantime but Geraldton Grammar School principal Nick Johnstone was certain the young gun would easily find the back of the net.

“Kevin epitomises all that we strive to achieve here at GGS — he’s certainly achieved the dream he set out to accomplish,” he said.

“He inspires other students and the broader community and he’s motivated to keep his US dream alive by being dedicated and committed to soccer and his school grades. We wish him all the success in the world.”



About us

134 George Road, Geraldton Western Australia
Tel: (08) 9965 7800
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Since the inception of Geraldton Grammar School in 1996, we have instilled in our students the knowledge to achieve, the passion to inspire, and the path to motivate. This reputation has seen our enrolments increase to nearly 600 students from kindergarten to year 12 in 2018.

At Geraldton Grammar School, we see education as a life long adventure with our experienced and enthusiastic staff as the coaches and facilitators.

We would like to take your child on this learning adventure, extend their creativity, encourage them in their academic pursuits and lead them in positive thinking to foster their individuality.

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