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Just a few things some of our students have been getting up to in their online learning:




I just wanted to pass on my gratitude, to you and your staff, for making the decision to offer online learning, before the end of the term.
I understand a lot of work has gone into preparing work and lessons to ensure students can continue their studies, so thank you to all staff for their efforts. 
I got home from school today, to find a volleyball net up in the backyard because (my daughter) needed to practise and she got her brother off the couch to join in...she was somewhat surprised that she even worked and was busy for the whole day, the full six hours of school she said.
Thanks again to you for your leadership and decision making,  and to your staff for their support of the students, that will keep just a little normality and routine in their lives. I hope everyone maintains their health during this crazy time.
Kind regards,


Year 10 parent

I hope you’re safe & well!
I wanted to email to say thank you so much for all the work you’ve put in preparing the home learning package and tasks. My daughter loves listening to your recordings & hearing your comments on her work - and everything is so organised and clear, it’s been very fun to complete.
We’re going through such a frightening and surreal experience at the moment, but I am so glad that we are part of such a caring and supportive school with wonderful teachers who prepared everything so quickly.
Hopefully everything is running smoothly at your end, and you know how much you are appreciated!

Pre Primary parent

I would like to send a huge congratulations to all Staff at Grammar on this seamless transition to online learning! Im sure many extra hours were done to ensure this all went smoothly as possible while trying to run classes when students were still at school.
It is very clear that Grammar was very well prepared and way ahead of other schools in the area for online learning to commence.
Please pass on my thanks and congratulations.
Take care,

Year 8 parent

Thank you for all the great work you are doing to keep our kids safe and educated. We are proud to be a part of the GGS Community.
Please keep well and safe.
Take care,

Year 6 parent

I have been really impressed by the school’s management of processes in this time of uncertainty.

Year 8 parent

After a couple of days working with my daughter, I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and your team for all the hard work and dedication you put into creating the take home packs along with Seesaw lessons.
The effort and planning must have been significant to ensure such continuity of learning in these unprecedented times.
Please pass on my appreciation to all concerned, we appreciate the way you have gone above and beyond expectations to look after the educational needs of our children.
Kind regards,

Year 2 parent

From our perspective the online lessons are going great. They are well presented and our daughter can manage the app functions mostly on her own, which is wonderful. Sometimes we do one part of an exercise and upload, then upload the next part sometime later. I have noticed that sometimes to sets of the first exercise have been sent in these situations. Please excuse us getting used to the technology and how the app works. I’m sure we a going to continue with these little errors. 
She says the instructions for the tasks are easy to follow and she is enjoying the work.
Thanks so much, you have also done such a great job pulling this together so quickly. 
Warm wishes

Kind regards,

Year 2 parent

We would really like to thank you and all of the Grammar staff for your immense efforts this term and while the circumstances have been far from ideal, you have all seemingly taken the challenges in your stride.
We can only commend you and thank you, for making that undoubtedly difficult stand to close the school last week.  As a parent, when I took our son to the bus on that Monday morning and instead of seven other students from many different schools waiting for buses, there was just us,  I started to really question if I was doing the right thing.  I’m not really one to buy into the panic and stress that situations like this cause some people, but I did start to have doubts as to whether I was maybe not worrying enough.  Common sense indicated that if people did stop moving then so too would the virus, but at that stage we also still had the Prime Minister and Premier (whom would have been very well advised you would imagine) encouraging kids to keep attending school, so trying to make a decision was proving to be a little tricky.
Thankfully we had our fabulous school to step up and make the call for us and to say that we were extremely grateful for the bravery and leadership you showed, would be an understatement. I loved how you respectfully asked for us to keep the students at home if we could, but then also provided options for those that could not. I guess you would have faced some people that were not impressed with the decisions that were made, but I’m sure for a lot of us, it really took the pressure off.  Plus everyone then knew that that was the plan for the immediate future and we weren’t left wondering each day, what the next would bring.
The staff’s ability to adapt to the online learning is to be commended and we really do consider ourselves very lucky to have teachers so willing to step up to the plate in times like this.  They have obviously had to commit way more of their own time to come to terms with their new ways of delivery and I know quite a few parents who have a renewed respect for the work that teachers do.  It’s actually quite funny some of the comments I’ve heard and most families haven’t even had a full week of home schooling yet.  It could actually explain the panic buying of alcohol...
Anyway, congratulations to you all for going against the trend and making that very difficult decision.  We know only too well that you had our children’s best interests at heart, closely followed by the well being of your staff.  I can’t even begin to imagine how tough the last few weeks have been on you all, but I hope that soon you might have a little bit of time to feel so very proud of yourselves and what you’ve accomplished in such trying times.
Thank you ever so much.
Kindest Regards,

Year 11 parent

I think we have all felt adrift at certain times lately but seeing our daughter settling into her new rhythm of online classes has been truly a pleasure to witness!
Thank you, to yourself and all your magical staff for not only implementing the online classes, but checking in on all our children’s wellbeing.
Have a gorgeous Easter,
Kindest regards

Year 9 parent



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