Outward Bound

Outward Bound:  Dates TBA

Outward Bound is a non-profit educational organisation created to stimulate personal development and generate understanding between people. Each year we send students to Walpole to complete a 10-day program tailored to our school’s individual requirements.
Many of the philosophies and outcomes of Outward Bound are consistent with the school’s Personal Development Program. The physical challenges it sets out inspire responsibility, teamwork and confidence in students.
Outward Bound was founded in the United Kingdom in 1941 and has since grown to become the world’s largest independent organisation engaged in personal development and outdoor education, teaching through experiential learning and providing a safe but demanding adventure experiences.

Outward Bound information can be downloaded below.

Outward Bound

Filename Size Date
An Adobe Acrobat file Personal Clothing and Equipment List 226.78 KB 2016-07-31
An Adobe Acrobat file Information for Parents and Guardians 88.66 KB 2016-07-31
An Adobe Acrobat file Feminine Hygiene Information 83.97 KB 2016-07-31
An Adobe Acrobat file Asthma Management Form 108.73 KB 2016-07-31
An Adobe Acrobat file ASCIA Action Plan Anaphylaxis EpiPen 283.12 KB 2016-07-31


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