2016 Outward Bound Red Group

Camp Site = Crystal Springs Tuesday Day 1

We have been finding out how to use the maps with the compasses and getting used to hiking with our packs. We did some major trekking up huge hills and down slippery slopes. We have had many funny moments and have succeeded in all challenges. We are excited for the days ahead and to see what other memories we will have to share. Yes, we are feeling tired but we are ready for more crazy adventures.


Camp Site = Pines Wednesday Day 2

Today we hiked 5km to Pines camp site. We hiked through sections of sword grass sometimes over our heads and saw lots of banksias and orchids along the way. We also learnt about grass tress; how they grow and some Aboriginal uses for them. We found navigating challenging but succeeded in the end. Today’s activity helped us to come together as a group and work as a team even though we are all a little tired. We have all successfully fallen over with our back pack on and most of us are familiar with the ‘bomie’ by now. 


Camp Site = Pepps Thursday Day 3

We had low ropes and giant ladder challenges today. Everyone found parts of it tough but we helped each other through and achieved our personal goals. We are all feeling supportive and encouraging today and happy that we didn’t have to walk as far.


Camp Site = Delta Road Friday Day 4

Today was our first day of full handover where we run the show. It wasn’t all rosy at first but after a change of tactics things went smoothly. We were down by the Deep River this morning doing ‘service’ where we cleaned the land owner’s (Thomas) boat. After that we went rafting. We loved the tarzan rope.


Camp Site = Delta Road Saturday Day 5

Today we went rafting all day in the Nornalup Inlet. We stopped off at Sealer’s Cove and Circus Beach. We learned about Dieback at the Dieback cleaning station at Sealer’s Cove. The OB instructor has written “Participants are incredible. We have the best rapport and respect for each other. Up there with my top three groups for initiative and leadership.”


Camp Site = Pepps Sunday Day 6

We have done a lot of initiative games today followed by a long hike back to ‘the Block’ and Pepps camp site. The games helped us to coordinate with each other to achieve a common goal. We saw a Tiger Snake today and hiked on the Bibbulmun Track for a bit. As a group we are happy and looking forward to the home stretch. The funny part of today was our alternate first aid for treating Jarrod’s nose bleed (you’ll have to ask us). Today’s blog info comes to you by Dotun.


Camp Site = Long Point Monday Day 7

Today we had our ‘beam’ challenge where we climbed over a long log suspended 2m off the ground. We aimed to get over it in 10 minutes but succeeded in under 2! This showed us that if we work together we can find the easiest and fastest solution. Tyler learned about safety with knives today while being a fruit ninja. Long Point has the most amazing views.

Camp Site = Little Long Point Tuesday Day 8

We had our ‘solo’ today where we have a few hours by ourselves. Some of us slept and some of us did magic. It helped us to think about things without any distractions. We had a pretty full on debate about shark culling and a sunset dinner on the beach. We are looking forward to our long hike back to Crystal Springs and then going home. Dotun misses Dago, Jarrod misses Tess and Andrew misses Danielle.



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