2018 Outward Bound Year 9 Orange Group - Clarkson

Day 1 - Students arrived in the Walpole area late in the afternoon after a long and tiring journey by coach. Each Outward Bound group disembarked at a different location and met their Outward Bound Instructors and carried their gear off to their initial camp site for an orientation.

Day 2 - Course set up and small hike

Day 3 - Completed an expedition hike towards the coast and completed a beach cleanup service activity.

Day 4 - Completed a day of solo at Long Point. Stunning views.

Day 5 - Continued expedition hike.

Day 6 - Completed low ropes course and the beam and giant ladder challenges. Finished the day with a bush cook.

“We succeeded and grew as a group. It was a challenge for all of us”

“We have developed trust in others and communication through these activities.”

“We are feeling pretty good even if a little tired.”

“It was funny watching Jacob do the ropes course!”

“Our team has bonded well.”

“We have seen a lot of orchids.”

“Kasha makes a great stir fry”

“We can’t wait to go home…”

“We have mastered camp craft and are mixing together more.”

“We miss junk food.”

“We celebrated Holly’s birthday with bush cook roast and chocolate cake.”

Day 7 - Completed a small expedition hike.

Day 8 - First day of a rafting expedition; across Nornalup Inlet.




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