2018 Outward Bound Year 9 Red Group - Mees

Day 1 - Students arrived in the Walpole area late in the afternoon after a long and tiring journey by coach. Each Outward Bound group disembarked at a different location and met their Outward Bound Instructors and carried their gear off to their initial camp site for an orientation.

Day 2 - Course set up and small hike

Day 3 - Camped on the beach last night and began a two day expedition along the coast and through sand dunes; pretty tough going. 

“Starting to work well together and beginning to understand daily routines”

“Saw a dead baby sea lion and a dead albatross when hiking along an isolated beach”

“Met a few bull ants!”

“It was a big day hiking including some bush bashing up steep sand sand dunes. Had a well deserved rest in camp.”

“Learnt some things about stars, navigation and sand dunes. Found the bush bashing and hiking challenging.”

“Made it to camp just in time.”

“Learned how to work and communicate better as a team.”

“A funny highlight was Betty falling down the hill.”

“We are enthusiastic but have trepidation for the rest of today’s hike.”

Day 4 - Tough expedition hike to the river through thick scrub; slow going. Crossed river and worked together to collect rafts and gear and began rafting expedition. Late to destination so had to walk rafts for last section as sun had gone down. A late dinner but a delicious curry.

Day 5 - Rafting across Nornalup inlet and service activity eradicating vermin snails from nature reserve.

“We enjoyed our service activity collecting vermin snails. It made us proud that we did something useful.”

“We played games on the rafts; helicopter and other fun.”

“A funny moment was when Jannie rolled off the raft while resting.”

“We are pleased with ourselves, earning rewards and working well together.”

“We had an excellent dinner last night on the beach looking at the stars and lightning.”

“We have seen many different orchids, ospreys carrying fish, pelicans, swans and the beautiful Hardenbergia (purple creeper).

“Elliot has stepped up by helping with the rafts and pulling others along.”

“We are all pleased to have Rosey back to keep us organised!”

“We are working well together, good teamwork and communication is better and we are enjoying ourselves.”

Day 6 - Rafted up Deep River.

Day 7 - Completed a 24 hour Solo.

Day 8 - First day of a three day hiking expedition.


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