P & F

Who are we?

The P&F are a group of dedicated members working with the school to enhance the environment & experience of all involved at Geraldton Grammar School.

What is our role?

We’re not just about fundraising. We aim to build a sense of community and togetherness within the Grammar families.
We are here to support and enhance communication within the school, advocate for and provide additional resources for our children.



Introducing your P&F Committee for 2019/2020

President - Helen Painter
Vice President - Melissa Sojan
Treasurer - Kristy Onions
Secretary - Jerolina Rankin

Committee Members

Berrice Lodge (staff representative)
Leisa Canny
Kristy Fong
Natachia Pieterse
Leanne Teakle
Mel Chapman
Calendar of Meetings (TBC)
Term 1 - March 3
Term 2 - May 26
Term 3 - August 25
Term 4 - November 10 (General & AGM)
Since 2007, the P&F committee has raised nearly $183,000 which has all been put back into the school, providing a huge range of valuable resources and making significant improvements to our school. A summary of the contributions can seen in the resources section below.
Your support is appreciated
The P&F coordinates many activities and events throughout the year. If you can provide support in any way (services we can use, talents we can benefit from, ideas which are brilliant!), we would love to hear from you.

P&F Resources

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P & F Contact

P&F President: Helen Painter  E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook:  Geraldton Grammar School P&F has a group where we share news that is happening in the school.  We also have a second hand uniforms and books page available through here as well. Come join us to keep up to date with what's happening. Visit our Facebook page here.

Services & More

Geraldton Grammar School offers student banking via Commonwealth Bank.  Banking day is Thursday before 9am. Call into the payments office for more details.
Athletes Foot will donate $5 for every pair if shoes purchased if you tell them you are a member of the Geraldton Grammar School Community.

Queens Supa IGA donates points, which convert to dollars if you ask them to allocate your points to Geraldton Grammar School. You can either tell them the name of the school or use number 5350.

Do you have feedback or suggestions on matters that relate to our school?  Then the P&F wants to hear from you; simply send a completed feedback form in document format (see resource section below) to the Administration office attention P&F secretary or email to ggsparents@gmail.com.

134 George Rd Geraldton, Western Australia
ph: (08)9965 7800 fax: (08)9904 7176
email: ggs@gegs.wa.edu.au