“Learning for Life”.

INSPIRE is Geraldton Grammar School’s whole primary school approach to social emotional learning and development.

Social Emotional Learning refers to the skills needed to successfully manage life tasks such as learning, forming relationships, communicating effectively, being sensitive to the needs of others and getting along with people.

INSPIRE is about building a whole school culture in which principles associated with positive social, emotional and civic behaviours are embedded across all disciplines.

Built around the ‘KidsMatter’ conceptual framework and based on the philosophy of the “Seven Habits, Leader in Me” model developed by Steven Covey. INSPIRE aims to develop ‘well rounded students, who know their strengths’ and are prepared to deal with the challenges associated with living in the 21st century. 

An INSPIRE Classroom Encompasses:

A classroom structure in which active decision making, responsible leadership and high expectations are clearly apparent to all.

A positive classroom ethos, which involves building a strong social-emotional classroom structure; responsive practices when dealing with issues or concerns; and a psychologically safe environment where mistakes are welcomed, diversity is respected and all members of the community feel valued, included and accepted.

The Explicit teaching of the 7 Habits as a means of developing the social, emotional and academic skills necessary for productive participation across all aspects of classroom and school life.

Participation in regular pro-social games sessions aimed at developing and articulating the skills, dispositions and behaviours necessary for productive learning, social harmony and the expression of culturally appropriate values.

Daily Community Circle meetings during which time the building of strong social emotional and academic skills and dispositions are developed through team building, reflecting, goal setting, group decision making and collaboration.

The use of Data Journals serving to develop student autonomy and a disposition towards self-regulation and goal setting.

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