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One School For Life

Welcome to the Early Learning Centre Geraldton Grammar School’s vision is to provide outstanding education and a strong sense of community, ...
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Years 3-6 build upon the solid foundations students have established in the early learning years. Students are given increased responsibility for ...
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  Geraldton Grammar School offers an exciting experience for years 7 and 8  which concentrates on the specific needs of young adolescents. Ms ...
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The Step Up school years are in year 9 and 10 at Geraldton Grammar School where students study specialised subject areas.  They undertake formal ...
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Geraldton Grammar provides year 11 and 12 students with a choice of SCSA Courses of Study focused on academic streams in English, Mathematics, ...
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What's Happening at Grammar


We have a great new addition to our Wellbeing resources. Geraldton Grammar School has partnered up with School TV – a huge collection of regularly updated online resources focused on wellbeing and resilience for today’s families.  Available now on School TV




See all the photos and blogs from 2019 Outward Bound


Last Updated 22:58 - 28/10/19 



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Based on the stages of adolescent development, we have created the following hubs based around the word “Step” to align with the respective development stages of children so that we can better cater for the wellbeing and academic needs.



Early Steps (Junior Kindy- Year 2)

This is a time where students begin their Geraldton Grammar School journey through our personalised, investigative, play based approach to early learning.  We cater for the interests and developmental needs of our youngest students, providing a solid foundation in early literacy, numeracy and inquiry skills. We aim to develop the social emotional skills and dispositions to set students on a path of life-long learning.


Step Forward (Year 3-6)

This is a time when students fine tune their investigative skills from their early years of learning in the form of Educational Research Projects.  Students personalise their learning by demonstrating their understanding of the subject and learned skills through their interests. This approach to learning empowers the students to choose topics they are genuinely interested in, set realistic timelines for projects, take responsibility for their learning, reflect on and self-assess their work and place an emphasis on the skills of research and presentation. Focus is on developing children who can think for themselves and others, who can create and imagine, who are strong in their literacy and numeracy, and who can navigate the challenges of the world with intrinsic motivation and a strength of character derived from a strong sense of self and resilience; to be emotionally intelligent, self-initiators, reflective of themselves and others, strong and articulate communicators with a realistic sense of themselves and others.



A 7/8 Hub called STEP IN

This is a time where student transition from Primary school and step into Secondary, build new friendships, have more movement around campus, enter the school perhaps for the first time,  manage homework and other commitments and get to sample an array of different subject areas with specialist teachers.


A 9/10 Hub called STEP UP

This is a time where students have to choose their possible path in life and have to step up in their academic studies as well as co-curricular activities. They have to make the decision to either choose an ATAR or General pathway and have to contemplate their future direction. They step up in their camp programs as they go on outward bound for the first time and build new friendships and learn how to become more resilient. 


A 11/12 Hub called STEP OUT  

This is a time that students step out and consider life after their formal schooling.  They will consider where they go to for further studies, which TAFE courses they may undertake and what they will do after school finishes.  Students as they get ready to step out, have to take full responsibility for their course choices and their studies and learn to sit external exams.  It is a time of the school ball and where life-long friendships are solidified.


About us

134 George Road, Geraldton Western Australia
Tel: (08) 9965 7800
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Since the inception of Geraldton Grammar School in 1996, we have instilled in our students the knowledge to achieve, the passion to inspire, and the path to motivate. This reputation has seen our enrolments increase to nearly 600 students from kindergarten to year 12 in 2018.

At Geraldton Grammar School, we see education as a life long adventure with our experienced and enthusiastic staff as the coaches and facilitators.

We would like to take your child on this learning adventure, extend their creativity, encourage them in their academic pursuits and lead them in positive thinking to foster their individuality.

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134 George Rd Geraldton, Western Australia
ph: (08)9965 7800 fax: (08)9904 7176
email: ggs@gegs.wa.edu.au